Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Philanthropic World

 Hahahahahahahha…..Business??  Entrepreneur??  at this age??? You must be kidding. The most common line for me, I used to hear.

Business?? Entrepreneur?? at this age?? Good, this is the right time to decide. Put the paddle on the accelerator .Go ahead. The second most common line for me, I used to hear.

Business??  Entrepreneur??  At this age? Hmmm…so, how  can I help you. Need any suggestion? Need any help?  The most awaiting line for me, which I want to hear.

This is all leading up to a very helpful point. I generally dislike the first kind of person. After a certain time, I found that, numbers of people I dislike are more than number of people I like. I got afraid; there is something wrong with me. We tend to believe that the entire world revolves around me. I was thinking all these unusually in my bed room at night, suddenly my sister called me. Her poem was selected for broadcasting in vidyut bharti radio channel. She has to go to record 10 minute’s poem in her own voice. I congratulated her. She insisted me to come with her coz, this is her first time and she is little bit uncomfortable. As I am busy for nothing kind of person, I agreed to come with her.  We reached there and waiting for her turn by sitting in the hall Her turn comes up, I and she went inside the studio.  She entered into the recording room alone, where big mike placed on the centre of the table and started arranging their pages; I stayed outside with the person aged, about 30, in the technical room where he is adjusting the frequency and volume type of stuff.
I asked him.  How long you have been working here?

He replied, I had worked here for 5 years. Now, I work as a part timer.

Okay, you changed your job?  I asked.

No, I am running my recording studio where I make demo tapes for aspiring recording artist. He said.

Then, why are you working here? I asked

He said. The company does not want to let me go, they insisted me to work for them as a part timer, so, I did.

Hmmm. you must be the best. I said.

He smiled, may be or maybe not.  Lots of skilled people are working here. So, it is tough to say that I am the best.  You know, I always think of the client first, this is my first priority. How I make him or her sound better? And I seriously don’t care if I have to put extra time and expense to make the person sound better and you know, I am always fully booked. I work that wayyy. He said, in a stubbornness manner.

I chuckled. I wished him luck for the future.

My sis recorded well, we went out.

I, then, have to rush for the seminar of IT technical opportunities. I reached there.  The main speaker started his speech and continues till one hour continuously. I reached back to home. Believe me, no person even move their eye balls during his speech. Each and every word is still in my mind. The way of communicating his thought to us is more than superb.

Maybe the speaker thinking:

I make sure that people learn something?

 I make sure that they are happy?

They talk about me and my system of teaching?

Well, I don’t know but may be.

I have attended so many seminars, professional meetings, and met few big executives too. I have noticed that these big money men were egotistical and selfish enough to want to be tops in their field.I think that’s good. These same men were capable of generating enthusiastic interest in others too, particularly customers. They are interested in others business problems and find out how their product will help them.

If an interviewee thinks, I have to help this reporter to give a good and strong piece of material. Readers must read or watch that content.

If a teacher thinks, I have to help students to make them memorize and make them to learn to do something with their mind then I think he or she can teach better than any other teacher.

If a musician thinks, I have to create a music which makes my listener emotional, sentimental, or they starting dancing on the floor. That musician really Rocks.

If a blogger thinks, I have to help my page viewers by ensuring that he or she learns something here which makes it worth for them. He definitely is successful in future.

C’mon. It is not altruistic. It is the way of thinking to get your work done.

Everyone wants that others get interested in them.  Well, I think, it’s easy. Be interested in others and show them.

Business?? Entrepreneur?? At this age??

No..Let me help others to start their businesses.     

The CURIOS blog

I am looking for writing my first blog. I am planning since last few months but did not able to come in an any idea. Some told me, write about what you are passionate for, some told me, write something what people enjoy to read. some told me, write something informative. Some told me, Internet is huge, there is google ,you know the use of ctrl C and ctrl V then what’s the problem, go ahead, Dude. Well, every suggestion is good and worthy except the last one which is, as expected, made by my dear friends.

A shining morning, temperament of sun was very high, I guess, around 42…I leave my home for my work place, as usual, with my disturbed facial expression. I reached to metro station and waiting for my train to come. I was usually choose second car of the train which is next to first car reserved for ladies, but after certain time, I realized that no miracle is gonna happen there in the full of rush car. So, I decided to move my eyes and mind from there and go for the last car of the train.

I used to see an Old man, nearly about 65, stand tall and straight on the same last compartment and on the same time matching with my time, almost daily. After few days, we started giving response to each other by smiling like smiley, whenever our eyes encountered with each other.
One day, fortunately, I got a seat and that old person is sitting next to me.
“Hello”, he said. “hello sir”, I replied gently.
What’s your problem…girl???? , he chuckled.
No sir. I said
 Then?? , he said.
Nothing. I am okay. I said.
okay.. sorry, may be my observation went wrong . He said,
Not more than 2 minutes silence between us…
I said while staring on his eyes.
So many..Direction is the major one. I said in a rough voice.
Why you need this??
I have to establish my own enterprise but I am not able to find the starting point or so called execution point.
He said, my father was running a restaurant. He is a Waiter in his early days. He was interested in the food and its recipe he served, and wondered why they were priced so high. During his spare time he went about finding how much the material per dish was worth. He learned what customer wants and demands when they come to restaurant. He thought about methods to low down the prices. In short, he learned all he could about the business from his position.
It is not a matter of weeks. It covered some months or years, but when the opportunity to go into the business arrived for him, he was ready. His ideas on low cost didn’t work but make him a success. He was, then, started hiring peoples and these people would have the same opportunity he had, if they would just have the same CURIOSITY.
                                               I have been seriously listening to him. He continues… Solving problem is not a difficult task. Finding problem is difficult. Once you know, what they are, you can solve it.
I think you find your problem. He said.
I didn’t get any words.
Sir, how could you know, I am disturbed or in any problem?? I asked, politely..
How many switches are there in a switch board of you room?? , He asked to me.
How many compartments/cars in a metro you are traveling?? He asked again, without giving me a chance to say something.
I started recollecting but didn’t get in the definite number.
He said, it doesn’t make any sense but it will increase your observation power and keeps your mind open. See the world with your mind not with your eyes.
I don’t know why, but, I started feeling more confident about myself. His destination reached after ten minutes of our conversation. We shook our hand. Sir, Its nice meeting you, I said. (This is the first time, I said this with the inner core of my heart).
He said, Its your life son, Make It Large. Yes, I will. I said. But not more than 90 ml and he laughs loudly.
My day passed out with full of energy. I came back to home, open my computer and I took hardly 45 minutes to complete my blog contents.
May be I found, what missing in me.